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Value drivers

Optimize your carbon accounting services

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We ensure compliance and auditability of your carbon accounting processes at all times.  

  • Our software is built on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Corporate Standard and Corporate Value Chain Standard). 
  • We update the various emission factor databases whenever a new update or release is made available. 
  • We follow up closely on changing regulations, frameworks and protocols to ensure we implement the latest changes. 


We face a serious liability risk if we can’t ensure that our calculations are auditable.” – CEO of sustainability consultancy 

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Time efficiency

Reduce the time spent to calculate and update the carbon footprint of your clients. Use this saved time to advise your clients on their climate strategy. 

  • We automate the processing of input data, mapping with emission factors and standard reporting. 
  • We can integrate with external data sources through API connections, both for incoming and outgoing data. 
  • We centralize all carbon footprint-related data, such as supporting documents and output reports.


 “Uploading and processing raw data into the platform goes very quickly.” – Sustainability consultant 

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Actionable insights

Provide your clients with actionable insights into their carbon footprint. Use these insights to develop a coherent carbon mitigation strategy. 

  • You can give your customer access to the platform so that they can explore their up-to-date carbon footprint. 
  • We leverage data analytics to translate granular carbon footprint data into insights. 
  • We are working with academic and industrial partners on innovative research.


“The interactive dashboard made us better understand the drivers of our carbon footprint.” – Customer of sustainability consultancy


Send data requests directly from within the platform and upload received activity data in bulk.

Calculate the full corporate carbon footprint with our validated carbon accounting engine.

Refine the footprint using various databases or define custom emission factors.

Report according to various reporting frameworks (GHGP, ISO, CSRD, SECR).

Set a Science-Based Target and prepare report for SBTi validation.

Simulate the impact of mitigation actions on the corporate carbon footprint.

Facilitate auditing of the carbon footprint by an independent third party, based on our detailed audit trail.

Customize the look and feel with your logo, company colours and a dedicated URL.


Our software is reviewed and validated by independent third parties.



Our pricing is based on the number and type of clients you service. Let’s get in touch to discuss a quote tailored to your needs.