Our story

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Our purpose

Climate change is the defining challenge of our time and the time to act is now. We have less than 3 decades to drastically reduce carbon emission and get to net-zero.

To do so, we believe in the power of transparency. Only when the carbon footprint of companies is disclosed, investors, customers and employees can and will adjust their behaviour to the benefit of more sustainable companies.

That’s why we have built Carbon+Alt+Delete. We spend every day on improving transparency of corporate climate impact through our software technology.

Our impact

Read more about our impact on society in our annual Impact Reports:

Our founding team

Kenneth Van den Bergh

CEO & CO-founder
PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Hanspeter Höschle

CTO & Co-founder
PhD in Electrical Engineering

The full Carbon+Alt+Delete team consists of driven and experienced carbon experts, software engineers and customer success managers.

Our partners

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