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Bedrijven meten steeds vaker hun CO2-voetafdruk op vraag van investeerders, klanten en werknemers. Net zoals ze hun financiële performantie meten.

Accelerating the carbon transition: A journey with Climact

“We evaluated Carbon+Alt+Delete based on traceability, easy-to-use interface and understandability, and it ended up at the top of our list. It ticks all the boxes, and that’s why we chose to partner up.”

- Hugues de Meulemeester, Founding Partner

, Climact

Hugues de Meulemeester, Founding Partner


“Carbon+Alt+Delete resolves challenges in our carbon accounting process, even before we are aware of them” 

Lukáš, Managing Partner of EnviTrail, started: “We needed a calculation tool for the carbon footprint, which led us to develop our own spreadsheet solution. Unfortunately, it had several drawbacks and lacked robustness. It was not fully prone to user changes. That’s why we were looking for something that would be similar to our own spreadsheet, but much better.”

- Lukáš, Managing Partner

, EnviTrail

Lukáš, Managing Partner


Carbon+Alt+Delete and The Ecological Entrepreneur form a sustainable partnership

Both Carbon+Alt+Delete and The Ecological Entrepreneur take sustainability to heart. The complementarity of these two companies comes in handy, as they can have an even bigger impact together. One providing essential carbon accounting software, the other helping ecological companies scale their impact and become more sustainable. 

- Sebastiaan De Block

, The Ecological Entrepreneur

Sebastiaan De Block

The Ecological Entrepreneur

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Bedrijven meten steeds vaker hun CO2-voetafdruk op vraag van investeerders, klanten en werknemers. Net zoals ze hun financiële performantie meten.



Moore Belgium is a “compagnon de route’ acting as a sounding board, as a (ESG) consultant who reflects and cooperates with you. Thanks to our Moore Global Network and dedicated partners, we can offer sustainability expertise and support Globally, if required.
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Engloba Consulting

Engloba Consulting is an employee-owned organization founded in 2015 by seniors’ environmentalists. We help our clients find sustainable solutions by providing a wide range of independent consulting services. We are recognized by our clients for our technical expertise and service excellence in several professional activities.
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The Netherlands
Dispersed is your partner for impact analysis and sustainability. Effective sustainability starts with insight. Our team of independent experts will map your environmental impacts and draw up an impact reduction strategy to make sure you achieve your sustainability goals.

Bova Enviro+

BOVA ENVIRO+ is a consulting company with more than 20 years of experience, active in Flanders, Brussels, Wallonia and the Netherlands. We are a multidisciplinary and dynamic team of 50 passionate experts in the domains environment & nature, safety, soil, spatial planning and energy. BOVA ENVIRO + offers a complete range of services for companies from all branches, government agencies and non-profit organizations. We also organise workshops and seminars on these themes in which we like to share our knowledge and experience with you.
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At Systemic we are agents of change! We help organizations to better understand how sustainability-related problems can impact businesses and what they must do to become more resilient, innovative and humane organizations.
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SPARQ360 is a global consulting and technology company that helps clients to optimize their global SUPPLY CHAIN and implement effective SUSTAINABILITY solutions. With offices in United States, Germany and the Netherlands.
IMS - Transparant


IMS aids and guides responsible businesses with carbon disclosure and reporting, establishing and achieving pathways to net zero targets. Headquartered in France, with offices in the UK, we operate throughout Europe.


We provide complex solutions to carbon neutrality, with racional and engineering approach and within the complexity of environment protection. Saving the planet is a complex problem. It requires complex solutions.
Logo First Climate

First Climate

First Climate is a global provider of carbon management and green energy services for corporates and the public sector. They develop, finance, and source emission reduction and renewable energy projects and provide consulting services.
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Pantarein bridges as strategic consultancy the gap between sustainability and communication. With strategic advice, sustainability expertise and storytelling skills, they help organizations move forward in their sustainable journey.