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Our team values

“>”>Transparency by default.

Internally, we make all company-related information by default available to the full team. Externally, we provide maximal transparency to our users and other stakeholders on how we and how our product works.

“>”>Respect individual wellbeing.

We can only be a sustainable company if we create a sustainable working environment for our people. We focus on protecting the work-life balance. We offer a safe place to openly share your work and personal feelings, needs and reflections.

“>”>Flexible working environment.

We are a remote-first team. We trust our people to manage their working day and decide when and where they work. We want them to work smarter, not more.

“>”>Personal development.

We are open to receive feedback and learn. We give each other constructive and actionable feedback. We take responsibility for the ‘job-to-be’ done and get support from others when needed.

“>”>Positive impact.

We are intrinsically driven to have a positive impact on society. We fight climate change day-in-day-out.