Carbon accounting software for sustainability consultancies

Our planet needs net zero companies. Companies need sustainability consultancies to get there. Consultants need carbon accounting software to do it efficiently.

Some of our users

Why carbon accounting software?

Sustainability consultancies support companies in disclosing and reducing their carbon footprint. These consultants need dedicated carbon accounting software.


Ensure compliance and auditability of your carbon accounting processes at all times. As such, you limit your liability risks.

Time efficiency

Reduce the time spent to calculate and update the carbon footprint of your clients. Use this saved time to advize your clients on their climate strategy.

Actionable insights

Provide your clients with actionable insights into their carbon footprint. Use these insights to develop a coherent carbon mitigation strategy.

Our product

Our cloud-based software supports the full carbon accounting process. From data collection and reporting, to scenario simulation and auditing. We connect all stakeholders and centralize all data to create a single source of truth about a company’s carbon footprint.

A mockup on a laptop that shows the simulation function of the carbon+alt+delete software.
Logo of ISO 14064 greenhouse gas validation and vertification.

Our customers

Sustainability consultants across the world are using our carbon accounting software to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of their clients. Learn more about who they are and how they use our software.
“With the software of Carbon+Alt+Delete we are not only compliant with the standards, but the data part within the tool is yearly updated and gives us the opportunity to manage our own data very well. It is very clear that there is a high focus on transparency, traceability and compliance. Adding the scenario simulation and SBTI target setting to that makes it a very performant tool.”

- François Aze

It’s often the case that carbon accounting software works well for clients, but not for consultants as it lacks detail and flexibility. Carbon+Alt+Delete is the first tool tat clearly focuses on consultants. At the same time, there is enough detail to share with clients, supported by clear visuals. This combination makes it a very strong tool for us to support our carbon service offering. We’re very positive of our partnership with CAD, we’re constantly keeping in touch so we can grow together and bringing more and more on board. “

- Marina Bradford




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About us

Carbon+Alt+Delete is a climate tech company, leveraging the power of software to fight climate change. Positive impact is the core of our DNA. Learn more about our story, our values and our impact.