With over 20 years’ experience in carbon markets and over 1,800 clients, Vertis Environmental Finance is well positioned to support its clients on their net zero journey. That’s why Vertis Environmental Finance launched Strive in 2021, its consulting branch to help companies to understand its carbon footprint, operate in the voluntary carbon markets and adopt a zero-emissions growth model.

To support businesses in that transition, they decided to use the carbon accounting software of Carbon+Alt+Delete. They compared multiple carbon accounting softwares, according to 4 dimensions. The figure below shows that Carbon+Alt+Delete scored considerably better than the other software tools on all dimensions. In this blog they explain in detail why they’ve selected Carbon+Alt+Delete as their default carbon accounting software.

The green lines show the score of CAD software. The grey lines connect the average score of

competitive tools that Strive compared.

Performance and Innovation

Working with our clients to define their zero-carbon strategies, means we need a full understanding of their scope 1,2 and 3 emissions. Only then we can design programs to mitigate the emissions. During that process it’s very important that our work is compliant with key standards, such as the GHG protocol and the ISO norms.

With the software of Carbon+Alt+Delete we are not only compliant with the standards, but the data part within the tool is yearly updated and gives us the opportunity to manage our own data very well. It is very clear that there is a high focus on transparency, traceability and compliance. Adding the scenario simulation and SBTI target setting to that makes it a very performant tool.


As data plays a big role in the whole carbon accounting environment, it ’is important for us that we can collect data in a quick and clear manner. Excel files are most of the time the first step of the data process. The software offers a semi-automatic collection of data from excel files. Next to that you can also set up an API integration or enter data manually.

Another automation feature that got our attention was the report function. With a single click on a button, you can automatically generate a report, both in pdf format as well as in excel.

Integration with Strive

After discovering all the features of the tool, it was also important to look at the integration with our clients. Not only a fit with our Strive’s digital environment is very important, but also the respect of GDPR and confidentiality plays a big role.

All the regulatory data aspects are covered within the software as well as the digital integration. The platform is also white labelled, so we have the possibility to add our own branding. All this makes the platform feel very ergonomic.

Pricing and business model

For our carbon footprinting offering, we were really looking for a constructive partnership where both of the parties could flourish on the long term. We find it very important that there is no conflicting overlap our service offering and what our partner does. With Carbon+Alt+Delete there is no issue. Their software focus as a pure developer is very complementary to our service focus as consultancy. Next to that their transparent pricing model and room for innovation makes it very interesting for us to work together with them. After all, it really felt like we had a good connection to set up a fair partnership.


Overall, we concluded that Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software fulfils our needs. It ’is a robust tool that includes all 3 scopes and has a good potential for innovation. Combining this with the compliant business model and the fair pricing set up really convinced us to set up a partnership with Carbon+Alt+Delete. The tool really gives us a very strong and reliable support to further develop our carbon accounting services.

Are you convinced that our software can make your carbon accounting services more efficient, grow and more transparent? Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love to introduce our software.