Carbon+Alt+Delete partnered up with EnviTrail for carbon accounting. They are the first Czech company to receive TÜV NORD certification for carbon footprint calculation, providing a comprehensive audit of a company’s energy usage. With their expertise and knowledge, they help to create a plan that will reduce a company’s carbon emissions and they do this with our software. 

The motivation to start EnviTrail was to help and protect the environment and provide technical solutions at the same time. A carbon footprint does not only cover the effect of a company on natural environment, but it also reflects the efficiency of the company. This is very important to them. Carbon+Alt+Delete helps them realize their goals as a company. 

Discovering Carbon+Alt+Delete as the perfect solution 

EnviTrail chose Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software because it was exactly what they were looking for. Lukáš, Managing Partner of EnviTrail, started: “We needed a calculation tool for the carbon footprint, which led us to develop our own spreadsheet solution. Unfortunately, it had several drawbacks and lacked robustness. It was not fully prone to user changes. That’s why we were looking for something that would be similar to our own spreadsheet, but much better. When we looked at Carbon+Alt+Delete, we realized that our spreadsheets had a resemblance, sharing very similar features. For us, it was also easier that we, and the consultants, were able to work with the software right away. We had everything we were used to, only the graphical interface differed. All the functionalities that we needed, were available.” 

The details make the difference 

Lukáš also highlighted the significance of minor yet impactful features: “There are little details, such as replacing your logo with ours and our approach to the client. For example, when I open my computer during client meetings, clients see our logo along with all the figures, including the decarbonization strategy. I can show them how they can afterwards download the report. It’s a heavy company in the sense that the software doesn’t look empty, but full. Even these tiny details, such as the logo, reassures clients about our competence to handle the job and our depth of knowledge.” 

Community collaboration 

In terms of future development, Lukáš emphasized the importance of community collaboration. “Carbon+Alt+Delete is working with sustainability consultants across Europe. As we are all facing similar challenges in our daily work, such as efficient data collection, Carbon+Alt+Delete can work very focused on those challenges. As a result, when they solve a challenge for another consultant, we benefit from it as well. Even more so, sometimes Carbon+Alt+Delete develops a solution for a challenge before we are aware of it.  

He mentioned: “It’s invaluable when some companies present a challenge, and the software successfully addresses it, making it accessible for the other consultants. I think it’s even more important than the specific features of the software itself. It’s important that there’s features included, even if we were initially unsure of their purpose, but a month later, we have clients requesting them.”  

Lukáš continued: “As for the databases, for instance, we were not sure about the purpose of the emission factor database of AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies). Now, our clients ask for it. The other thing is the decarbonization simulation tool. Initially, we were doing it separately, with doubts about its thoroughness. Now, we have a client who uses it, so he does the modeling of the decarbonization plan by himself.” 

Why Carbon+Alt+Delete? 

Reflecting on their choice of Carbon+Alt+Delete software, Lukáš observed: “The software is made in a way to suit the consultants. We especially appreciate it because we have multiple projects, work with companies with numerous ‘children’ or similar structures or need to work on projects in a team. 

What we also appreciate, which is now quite usual but wasn’t one year ago, is the integration of the emission factor databases. With a simple click, we access the emission factor without the need to look around.” 

Lukáš continued: “The three main things that we really enjoy or use and why we use Carbon+Alt+Delete: The very convenient teamwork, the easy access to the emission factors, and the possibility to calculate carbon footprint for companies with complicated internal structure is made easier.” 

When comparing Carbon+Alt+Delete with others 

In comparison to other software solutions, Lukáš shared: “We did compare with some other tools, but they tend to be too universal. They offer a wide range of features, but none of them perform 100% correctly. Carbon+Alt+Delete is really focused on carbon footprint calculations and it works smoothly. The software is very robust, and its functionalities are very well-designed, making it highly reliable.” 


“Overall, we concluded that Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software does exactly what we are looking for. The transition from our spreadsheet to Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software went seamlessly. The software is very robust and highly reliable because of its functionalities. Also, the small but impactful details make the biggest difference. The reason why we enjoy using this software is for the teamwork, the easy access to the emission factors and the carbon footprint calculation for companies with complicated internal structure.” 

About Carbon+Alt+Delete 

We provide carbon accounting software for sustainability consultants and consultancies that guide companies towards net zero. 

We believe in the power of transparency. Only when the carbon footprint of companies is disclosed, investors, customers and employees can and will adjust their behaviour to the benefit of more sustainable companies. 

That’s why we have built Carbon+Alt+Delete. We spend every day on improving transparency of corporate climate impact through our software technology. 

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