Climact is a Belgian sustainability consultancy providing strategic support for its customers, companies, and public authorities, helping them to find the right strategies for climate transition. Doing that, they have developed their own carbon accounting tools to support the customers in the process. They came to a certain point where their customers were asking for the possibility to get access to those tools themselves. That’s why Climact decided to use the carbon accounting software of Carbon+Alt+Delete. After extensive comparison, Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software came out on top and even exceeded their expectations.


Choosing Carbon+Alt+Delete 

Hugues, Founding Partner at Climact, highlights Climact’s 15 years of experience in assisting customers with carbon footprint calculations: “We have extensive experience in helping customers calculate their carbon footprint and setting up strategies to reduce carbon emissions. We understand what the market and customers need. This includes an easy-to-use interface and a simple way of importing data or collecting today’s databases. They also need an understandable reporting system and want to know exactly where the carbon emissions come from.”

He continued: “We evaluated Carbon+Alt+Delete based on these criteria, and it ended up at the top of our list. It ticks all the boxes, and that’s why we chose to partner up.”


Internal workflow and customer independence

According to Hugues, the purpose of Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software is twofold. He mentioned: “Firstly, for us, it accelerates the way we work internally so it replaces most of the tools that we had before. Carbon+Alt+Delete makes it easier to collect the data and to consolidate the data from the different sources, bringing it all together to get the carbon footprint for the entire company with the appropriate granularity. This allows us to easily report it to the customer, providing a clear overview and a user-friendly interface for them to understand the company’s direction. Which makes this part of the process easier.”

“Secondly,” Hugues continued, “our clients are left with something tangible, enabling them to integrate the process themselves. As consultants, we provide support and give more information about the types of data that need to be gathered and put into the tool. Thus, support is needed to help our clients be autonomous. That’s our goal: to accelerate the carbon transition. It’s a good solution that helps us make the process smoother and, in turn, helps the customer in accelerating their own progress. That’s how I see the great advantage of such a tool.”


The flexibility factor with Carbon+Alt+Delete 

One of the key elements when opting for Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software, was the impression made by the team. Through conversations with Kenneth and his team, it became clear that Climact could establish a close relationship with the people behind the software. Hugues continued: “Carbon+Alt+Delete is located in Belgium, just like us, and shares the ambition to work across Europe. We want to be close enough to influence the tool’s future evolution.”

He mentioned: “It’s not about buying into a finalized or shared solution that doesn’t change anymore. We want something flexible. It should be able to evolve based on how we perceive the market and the changing demands from more customers. It should adapt to regulatory changes and constraints within our possible sectors.”

“By talking to the Carbon+Alt+Delete team, we developed a comfortable feeling that allowed us to have discussions with them, saying ‘OK, we think this could be improved in such a way,’ or ‘We see this in that type of sector’. The way we envision the collaboration with Carbon+Alt+Delete is to have a say and input, to play a role so that we can keep improving together.”


Sharing their experience with Carbon+Alt+Delete 

Hugues shared: “We see great potential for the future in our collaboration. There are a lot of potential activities that could be performed.”

“I believe we could have a big impact on the development and transition for the customer. So, in the collaboration itself, during the discussions we had with the team, we felt real coherence. There is a clear understanding between us regarding our purpose in the market. We feel that we share key values related to the climate, needs, and the actions required. There’s a commitment to being pragmatic, transparent, rigorous, and professional. We appreciate this mutual understanding of how things should be done; there’s no greenwashing at all. It’s a genuine mutual understanding, and I like the way we communicate. We have the same culture in a way.”


Nurturing a genuine partnership 

Hugues highlighted the major point feeling comfortable with Carbon+Alt+Delete: “We share the same purpose and address these needs in different ways, adding value together. One plus one equals three. We are not trying to get under each other’s feet. There’s a genuine partnership. Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software meets our customers’ needs and provides the opportunity to collaborate for the same goal. 



“Overall, we concluded that Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software checks all our boxes. It enhances our workflow and replaces the tools that we had before. The software makes the process smoother and helps the customer accelerate their own progress. We see great potential in our collaboration, because of our mutual understanding, values and purpose. We are looking forward to more customer experiences and learning how the tool fits into our services. There’s still a lot to explore, and we’re enthusiastic about it.” 


About Carbon+Alt+Delete 

We provide carbon accounting software for sustainability consultants and consultancies that guide companies towards net zero.

We believe in the power of transparency. Only when the carbon footprint of companies is disclosed, investors, customers and employees can and will adjust their behaviour to the benefit of more sustainable companies.

That’s why we have built Carbon+Alt+Delete. We spend every day on improving transparency of corporate climate impact through our software technology.

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