More and more companies are developing a climate strategy. These companies need support from consultants to track and reduce their carbon footprint. One of those consultancies is Bemari.

Bemari is a UK-based sustainability consultancy founded by Marina Bradford. Marina is an advocate of inclusive, regenerative and triple bottom line economies. She founded Bemari to bring the power of collaboration, partnerships and expertise to help solve the important social and environmental issues that affect all of us.

Bemari’s service offering includes carbon accounting. For that, they are using the carbon accounting software of Carbon+Alt+Delete. Discover why Marina started working with Carbon+Alt+Delete and what value it brings to Bemari and its clients.


Most carbon accounting work still happens in Excel spreadsheets. Although everyone knows Excel, it very quickly becomes hard to offer a high level of traceability. “When you start looking at lots of formulas and interlinked sheets, you know something will inevitably go wrong at some point”, Marina explains. “Using Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software takes that away because all data is structured in a logical, transparent and traceable manner, at all times”.

In order to calculate the carbon footprint of a company, a lot of activity data needs to be collected from various departments. Think about energy consumption, business travel, procured goods and services, etc. Besides, this activity data needs to be mapped with emission factors that can come from various sources. “In some cases, we use supplier specific emission factors”, Marina says. “We are able to put all of that into the software an add the source to make sure we are offering 100% traceability. Moreover, it’s really helpful for our clients to understand where the emission data comes from.”

Time savings

Consultants typically spend a lot of time on processing input data, mapping it with the right emission factors and processing the calculated footprint into figures and reports. “Carbon+Alt+Delete has great visualisations of the data where you see all the changes immediately”, explains Marina. “I use these figures to create presentations for my clients. You kind of feel a little bit better about what you’re doing in some ways because you don’t feel like you’re inventing the wheel every single time.”

Flexible, but structured

Sustainability consultants want to work in a standardized way but have the flexibility to adapt the calculation where needed. Marina confirms: “as a carbon expert, I need flexible software in terms of boundaries, size of the organization and Greenhouse Gas Protocol settings. Carbon+Alt+Delete facilitates this”.

For the client it’s also an extra benefit to provide Bemari with their own data, for example of suppliers. In that way they can achieve more specific results. Bemari has collected data from their clients via multiple ways such as drives, emails and so on. For the client it’s good to know that their carbon footprint is now available in one central place, with clear references to where the data comes from and is stored.

Why Carbon+Alt+Delete?

“Carbon+Alt+Delete is clearly built for sustainability consultants”, explains Marina. “It’s very intuitive, transparent, flexible and structured. Everything can be tailored to the situation of our clients.”

Marina has seen several demos of carbon accounting software. She can compare different offerings. “It’s often the case that carbon accounting software works well for clients, but not for consultants as it lacks detail and flexibility. Carbon+Alt+Delete is the first tool that clearly focuses on consultants. At the same time, there is enough detail to share with clients, supported by clear visuals. This combination makes it a very strong tool for us to support our carbon service offering. We’re very positive of our partnership with CAD, we’re constantly keeping in touch so we can grow together and bringing more and more on board. “

Curious to discover how the Carbon+Alt+Delete software could improve your carbon accounting services? Let’s get in touch.