End of the spreadsheet era


Say goodbye to overly complicated spreadsheets, compliancy worries and hours of manual calculations. Get to know our carbon accounting software that makes calculating carbon footprints much easier. During this webinar, we show you how it works!

Watch our webinar about carbon accounting as the end of the spreadsheet era.

Carbon accounting done right

It’s time to stop spending days and days making dashboards, manually calculating carbon footprints, and worrying about updating the emission factors or keeping your spreadsheets compliant.

With our carbon accounting software, the analysis is both regulatory and science-based. Which enables you to be accountable and certified!

Ready to say goodbye to your old spreadsheets? Watch our webinar! We will show you what our software is all about, how it works and what you can do with it exactly. Learn about the ins and outs, and see how it reduces your calculation time and manual labor!