Efficient Data Collection for Carbon Accounting

Finding it challenging to efficiently collect activity data for carbon accounting? Watch the replay where you will find essential knowledge on methods of gathering data, strategies for client communication regarding data collection, and approaches to tackle this.

“Data collection is always messy, but maybe our vision on this can help you get organized more quickly and work a little more effectively. ”

What to expect?

Key topics for discussion in this webinar include:

  • Embracing diversity: understanding the different ways of collecting activity data
  • Unleashing the power of APIs for seamless data integration
  • Unlocking the potential of XLSX: raw data vs. templates for data precision
  • Elevating efficiency through manual data input of individual data points
  • Navigating the communication landscape: engaging with clients effectively
  • Leveraging technology: shared drives and emails for transparent data exchange
  • People power: one SPOC vs. multiple representatives – pros and cons
  • Our Vision vs. Reality: embracing the messiness of carbon accounting

You can watch the recording here.