Carbon accounting software for sustainability consultancies

Our planet needs net zero companies. Companies need sustainability consultancies to get there. Consultants need carbon accounting software to do it efficiently.

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A mockup on a laptop that shows the simulation function of the Carbon+Alt+Delete software.

Our cloud-based software supports the full carbon accounting process. From data collection and reporting, to scenario simulation and auditing. We connect all stakeholders and centralize all data to create a single source of truth about a company’s carbon footprint.


Send data requests directly from within the platform and upload received activity data in bulk.

Calculate the full corporate carbon footprint with our validated carbon accounting engine.

Refine the footprint using various databases or define custom emission factors.

Report according to various reporting frameworks (GHGP, ISO, CSRD, SECR).

Set a Science-Based Target and prepare report for SBTi validation.

Simulate the impact of mitigation actions on the corporate carbon footprint.

Facilitate auditing of the carbon footprint by an independent third party, based on our detailed audit trail.

Customize the look and feel with your logo, company colours and a dedicated URL.


Our software is reviewed and validated by independent third parties.