Seed funding round Carbon+Alt+Delete


Mechelen, 29 August 2022

Carbon+Alt+Delete raises €600,000 of funding to further build their carbon management software and remote-first team. Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software is used by sustainability consultants across Europe. The Belgian climate tech startup is responding to the strongly increasing demand from companies to measure and reduce their climate impact.

The two founders of Carbon+Alt+Delete.

Transparency as a lever for a climate-neutral future

Carbon+Alt+Delete was founded in 2020 by Kenneth Van den Bergh and Hanspeter Höschle, 2 PhDs in engineering sciences from KU Leuven. Carbon+Alt+Delete develops software to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of companies. Sustainability consultants use the software to collect all necessary business data (e.g., energy consumption, purchased goods), to correctly convert this data into equivalent carbon emissions and to simulate how these emissions can be reduced (e.g. electrification of vehicle fleet, recycling of waste streams).

Today, the climate impact of more than 50 companies in several European countries is managed through Carbon+Alt+Delete’s software. The unique aspect of Carbon+Alt+Delete’s business model is that they don’t go directly to companies. Their software is used by sustainability consultants who use the software to manage the carbon footprint of companies.

“What’s measured improves” is a famous quote from Peter Drucker. Transparency about the climate impact of companies is essential. Only in this way can investors, customers and employees choose more climate-friendly companies over others. – Co- founder and CTO Hanspeter Höschle.

Carbon accounting is the new financial accounting

Companies want to prepare for the climate neutral economy of tomorrow. In addition, they are receiving more and more questions from investors, major customers, employees and regulators about their climate impact and strategy. In short, reporting carbon figures is becoming just as important as reporting financial figures.

Companies often call on sustainability consultants for this. Today these consultants mainly work in spreadsheets, but they need the software from Carbon+Alt+Delete. The software speeds up the process and reduces the probability of errors. This saves the consultant time and reduces his liability risk. In addition, data-based insights are provided. For example, Carbon+Alt+Delete is currently working on an application to benchmark companies based on their carbon footprint.

There are many parallels between the financial accounting industry and the emerging carbon accounting industry. Just as financial accounting is no longer done in spreadsheets today, carbon accounting will no longer be done in spreadsheets. Carbon+Alt+Delete responds perfectly to this trend. I therefore support this young Belgian company with great pleasure and conviction. ­– Tim Vandecasteele, investor Carbon+Alt+Delete & co- founder silverfin.

Scaling up a driven remote team

The goal of Carbon+Alt+Delete is to turn carbon accounting into a commodity. To accelerate growth, Carbon+Alt+Delete raised €600,000 from a group of angel investors, including Tim Vandecasteele (co -founder silverfin).

Carbon+Alt+Delete will use the investment to further strengthen the team with software developers and sales profiles. The ambition is to become an important and technologically advanced player in the European sustainability sector.

Our corporate culture is defined by two things. First, all of our people are intrinsically driven to contribute to the fight against climate change. Second, we have a strong culture of mutual trust, which allows us to work remotely with people from all over the world. – Co – founder and CEO Kenneth Van den Bergh.