No more meat. Fly less. Use LED lights. These are all some individual actions that one can take to lower their climate impact. However, not all impact is the same. A simple example at home: turning the lights off and lowering the thermostat. Two individual actions that we may say at home but with a very different impact. Leaving the light one for one hour emits the same amount of carbon as turning on your gas boiler for .. four seconds. (The blog does not take into account the different carbon factors for electricity and gas).

Using plastic bags is also considered a “climate crime”. It its true that by reusing bags you lower the waste pile, which is always a good thing, but purely speaking in carbon, 16 plastic bags can be made with the same amount of energy as boiling the water kettle just once.

Therefore, it is not only important to take some individual actions but also to know how much these actions actually matter. In the figure you see that the impact of some actions are overestimated (stop using plastic bages) while for others, this is underestimated (eat less meat).

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