Except for Greta Thunberg’s “We will not forgive you” speech, newspapers did not write much about UN 2019 Climate Summit in New York. The reason: except for some national leaders and CEOs promising to increase their ambitions, there were no results to write about.

If you are disgruntled about all these meetings without results, read this remarkable and must-read 30-year-old story about The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change published by the NY Times.

“Like most human questions, the carbon-dioxide question will come down to fear. At some point, the fears of young people will overwhelm the fears of the old. Some time after that, the young will amass enough power to act. It will be too late to avoid some catastrophes, but perhaps not others. Humankind is nothing if not optimistic, even to the point of blindness. We are also an adaptable species. That will help.”

Let’s keep this in mind at the 2020 COP26 in Glasgow.

We almost stopped climate change… 30 years ago