Based on data from the heatwave of the end of June, the World Weather Attribution Network found that this heatwave had temperatures that were 4°C higher than heatwaves in 1900. There was a town between Montpellier and Avignon were there was a recorded temperature of almost 46°C, which is 1,5°C higher than the previous record. The whole heat wave has been made “at least” 5 times more likely due to climate change, but potentialy the effects may have been much higher.

However, this is not where it ends. The current heatwave has already broke record temperatures in Bordeaux and this Thursday, records are projected to break all over France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In Belgium, it is the first time ever that a red warning is issued for a heatwave.

As the energy usage is rising due to the increase in air conditioning use, there can be even more problems. Two nuclear reactors have already shut down to keep the water used to cool the reactors at a reasonable temperature.

Current heatwaves made 5 times more likely due to climate change