Source: Mission 2020

Early action on climate change is crucial. It brings a range of benefits on health, food security, employment creation, and more. It also facilitates the transformation of the global economy, as using less of the world’s remaining carbon budget now, means that action can be taken at a more manageable pace. That is why Mission 2020 calls on world leaders to make the year 2020 the turning point on climate change. In a recent report, the World Resources Institute tracks the global progress towards 6 milestones set out by Mission 2020 on energy, transport, land use, industry, infrastructure, and finance. Noting the numerous opportunities to scale up and accelerate action that remain untapped, the institute’s researchers conclude by stating:

“Now is the time to invest in necessary shifts, such as phasing out coal; moving swiftly toward renewable energy; electrifying transport, buildings and industry; and managing land sustainably.”

WRI: Where we are today, and where we need to be in 2020

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The importance of acting now