Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. Carbon (CO2) emitted by humans causes climate change. In order to limit the temperature increase to acceptable levels, rapid and drastic action should be taken. We from Carbon+Alt+Delete believe that individuals can make a difference. That is why we offer you a way to take action and limit your contribution to climate change!


Action is required on two levels. First, everyone of us needs to limit his/her carbon emissions. For instance, you can limit your emissions by consuming less, buying an electric car, etc. However, low-carbon alternatives are not always available, sometimes expensive or still under development. Therefore action is needed on the second level: compensating. Compensating means reducing emissions from other sources to compensate for our own remaining emissions.

Carbon+Alt+Delete support actions on these two levels. We have developed an user-friendly tool to calculate your carbon emissions. This tool gives you insight in how good you are doing and what you can do to further reduce your emissions.

Carbon+Alt+Delete also compensates carbon emissions. We are continuously keeping track to identify the most reliable and effective way to compensate. Currently, we are buying Voluntary Emission Reductions (VERs) verified and approved by Gold Standard. The money we pay for VERs is invested in wind energy in Madhya Pradesh (India) and solar thermal energy in Rajasthan (India). These wind turbines and solar thermal plant replace electricity from fossil fuel power plants, such as coal-fired plants. More information can be found here (wind energy) and here (solar thermal energy).

Calculate your emissions and support our carbon compensation!


Carbon+Alt+Delete is a non-profit organization founded in 2017. Our mission is to mitigate climate change by informing and activating people. The organization is run by four dedicated volunteers and supported by several highly esteemed referees. Read more about us here.